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About me

Hi! Welcome to my personal web page.

A few facts about me...

Born in Leicestershire (UK) in...
MA & PhD in English Philology (Universitat de València, Spain)
MA in Journalism (Universitat de València - Levante EMV, Spain)

About my work

Member of the teaching and research staff at the Department of Applied Linguistics, Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), Spain, since 1985 andcurrently Full Professor in English Language and Applied Linguistics.

Director of the R&D&I Linguistic Coordination Office for UPV (2000-09).

Coordinator of the English language exam for the Spanish national university entry exams for UPV (1998-2010).

Coordinator of the English language exam for the over-25-years-of-age university entry exams for UPV (2005-09).

President of EUROCALL, the European Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning (2005-11).

President of WorldCALL and Chair of the V WorldCALL Conference Steering Committee (2016-to date).

Areas of research: language learning and teaching, more specifically in the fields of English for Specific Purposes (ESP), Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL), and Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL).

Published books include: CALL Software Design and Implementation: the template approach (2002, Valencia: Editorial UPV); Computer Assisted Language Learning: authoring tools for web-based courseware development (Ed. 2008, Valencia: Editorial UPV)

Co-author of six textbooks for learners of English for engineering purposes: Reading Comprehension Exercises for Students of English for Specific Purposes (2000); English for Industrial Engineering (2002); English for Electrical and Electronic Engineering (2001); English for Mechanical and Chemical Engineering (2005); Online Activities in English for Engineering Purposes (2006); Technology-Enhanced Activities for Aerospace Engineering (2013).

Books by Ana Gimeno available from UPV's Publishing House.

Head of UPV's CAMILLE Research Group, devoted to research and development in CALL.

Project Manager of several funded multimedia CALL R&D projects which have led to the publication of a number of language courses on CD-ROM:

  • Español Interactivo and Español en marcha (Barcelona: Difusión, 1998);
  • Valencià Interactiu - Grau Elemental (Valencia: Bromera, 2000)
  • City Talk (London: Libra Multimedia, 2000)
  • ¡Bienvenido a bordo! (London: Unicorn, 2002)
  • Vida Urbana (Valencia: SP-UPV, 2004)
  • Airline Talk (Valencia: SP-UPV, 2005)

Participation in other EU-funded projects include: MultiConcord, Airline Talk, City Talk, ICT4LT, Hello Net, Welcome, TNP II & III in Languages; ENLU, LANQUA, EURODIS, Tools for CLIL, Glottodrama, etc.

Project Manager of Proyecto InGenio, funded by UPV, consisting of an online dedicated CALL authoring tool, content manager and learning environment to enable the publication of interactive courseware for foreign language learning on the web. Courses published with this tool include: Intermediate Online English, Valencià Interactiu - Grau Mitjà, InGenio First Certificate in English Online Course & Tester.

Co-ordinator of the LINGUA-funded CALL@C&S Project (2004-2007), aiming to design and deliver online A1 & A2 level courses for learners of Czech and Slovak.

Co-ordinator of the EU-funded EURODIS project (2009-10), to create a searchabale database of language learning multimedia projects.

Co-ordinator of the EU-funded CLIL Open Online Learning (COOL) project (2018-2021) to create a dedicated CLIL authoring tool and repository of teaching/learning materials.


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