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About me

Hi! Welcome to my personal web page.

A few facts about me...

Born in Leicestershire (UK) in...
MA & PhD in English Philology (Universitat de València, Spain)
MA in Journalism (Universitat de València - Levante EMV, Spain)

My network projects

Thematic Network Project in the Area of Languages II (TNP2)


Funding programme: Socrates Erasmus Thematic Network Projects

Coordinator: Freie Universität Berlin

Aim: To develop proposals for improvements and innovation in higher education programmes in the areas of:

  • Curriculum innovation
  • New learning environments - the European learning space
  • Quality enhancement in language studies

Further information:

Thematic Network Project in the Area of Languages III (TNP3)


Funding programme: Socrates Erasmus Thematic Network Projects

Coordinator: Freie Universität Berlin

The project constituted the first determined effort at European level to arrange a structured, comprehensive and continuous dialogue between higher education institutions and other stakeholders regarding the changing and future linguistic and intercultural needs in the European labour market.

Further information:

European Network for the Promotion of Language Learning Among All Undergraduates


Funding programme: Socrates Action Plan “Promoting language learning and linguistic diversity”. Call for proposals EAC/45/03

Coordinator: Freie Universität Berlin

Aim: to create a trans-European network of higher education institutions and other stakeholder organisations with a view to achieving a breakthrough in the area of “languages for all”.

Further information:

LANQUA – language network for quality assurance


Coordinator: University of Southampton

Aim: To design a quality assurance toolkit for language learning in higher education.

Results: The LanQua Toolkit has been developed by a network of teachers of languages and related studies across Europe. The 60 partners in the Language Network for Quality Assurance (LanQua) have worked together to map the current landscape for languages in higher education (described in the Frame of Reference) and to reflect on how a subject practitioner-led approach to quality assurance can inform quality assurance processes and enhance the quality of the learning experience for students.

Further information:

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